Take your Hearing Aids online with a free personalized website

Take your Hearing Aids online with a free personalized website

We all love FREE stuff and it’s even better when it’s helpful. Similar to the personalized websites many banks, cell phone and credit card companies offer, MyNuEar.com allows you to access many useful tools specifically tailored to your hearing aid(s). The one-stop-shop for hearing aid information provides quick and easy-to-watch instructional videos about maintaining your hearing aids, links to hearing industry news, testimonials and several auditory therapy games to help you re-learn how to hear.

The hearing games include Read My Quips, Word Target and Repeater. Each offers a different (and often addicting) gaming experience to help you comprehend hearing with your hearing aid(s) faster. If you like crossword puzzles then the Read My Quips game is perfect for you! As background noise plays, fill in the crossword after listening for clues. This will teach you how to focus and listen to conversations while ignoring background noise. The Word Target and Repeater games are listening-focused to help you discern the differences in similar sounding words such as ‘bike’ and ‘hike’ and fine-tune your hearing.

Want to check out MyNuEar yourself? Click here for a brief demo of the site. If you have NuEar hearing aids and haven’t taken advantage of MyNuEar.com, contact our office or submit your information on our Contact Us page today and we can get you registered.

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