The health consequences of hearing loss

The health consequences of hearing loss

It’s no surprise that hearing and hearing loss have been the focus of numerous research and scientific studies. Hearing is, after all, vital to our quality of life, and hearing loss affects millions of people worldwide.

Over the past two decades, studies have determined that hearing loss is linked to a host of health issues, including increased risk of falls, hospitalizations and dementia, as well as impaired memory, mental fatigue and even shorter lifespans.

Parallel studies, though, have shown that treating hearing loss can help — by reducing the risk of cognitive decline, improving balance, and helping people stay physically and mentally active.

So ask yourself, how is your hearing? Do you have to have others repeat? Is the TV louder than normal? Have you worked around loud noise or shot guns in the past? If so, you may have a hearing loss.

Take the time to get your hearing tested and if necessary, get help. Do your part to treat your hearing and reduce the chances of further issues relating to “Hearing Loss.”

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